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At the recent MerinoLink Conference, Lu Hogan (Associate Director Business Development and Commercialisation, University of New England) spoke on the benefits of ASKBILL software

For those of you who were not at the conference, Lu mentioned the upcoming opportunity for a small number of MerinoLink Members to participate in further extension & development of the software.  We have just received the exciting news that the extension program is confirmed and will start in the next few weeks. This is a great opportunity for Members to be part of a ‘Growers Extension Group’ that would receive extensive tutorials in using and making the most of the software – Effectively you’ll have a personal consultant helping you get the most out of the product and assisting with sheep flock management decisions.

We are now taking expressions of interest from those who would like to be part of this great opportunity. Unfortunately, the group is limited in size to less than a dozen participants, so don’t delay.

Criteria for participation would include; a geographical location within a couple of hours of southern/central NSW, a commitment to work with us over the next 6-8 months and the ability to attend 3 face to face workshops over the program duration.


If you are interested, please email Felicity Harris ASAP with your name and district.

Or fill in the form below

Those of you who expressed interest to MerinoLink staff at the conference DO NOT have to respond.


ASKBILL is web-based software that complements your grazing knowledge with detailed data about your livestock, pastures, and genetics, and predicts opportunities and threats to your individual business from the weather, pests or disease – the critical information needed for making more precise farming decisions, protecting the well being of your flock and maximising its productivity.

What does it do?

ASKBILL makes timely and accurate predictions of sheep well-being and productivity using weather, stock and pasture information.

By entering farm and production data and monitoring the risk alerts, ASKBILL also allows producers and industry to validate the standards of care their animals have received.

View Lu Hogan’s presentation from 2019 MerinoLink Conference HERE

Watch the ASKBILL video >