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New 2019 Survey Uploaded! 

PhD candidate Elise Bowen, who featured in thie 2018 “Hour of Power” at the MerinoLink Conference, has asked for your assistance in contributing to her research on maiden ewe reproductive performance.

“The purpose of this study is to understand the current sheep reproductive rates for sheep businesses located across Australia. The study forms part of a larger project that is looking at improving the reproductive performance of ewes joined as lambs and hoggets. The project is funded by Meat and Livestock Australia.
The key benefits for farm businesses from this study will be improved benchmarks to compare the reproductive performance of your sheep against regional and national targets, and better understanding of the opportunities available to improve reproductive performance of young sheep across a range of different farming systems.

Participants will be asked to provide some information about characteristics of sheep flocks and scanning rates after scanning, as well as data on number of lambs present at lambing (if known) and marking.  Some of these questions may be seen as personal and private.  You can choose not to answer any of the questions on topics sensitive to you.
Participants must have scanned their maidens for multiples, and lambed them separately from their adult ewes to obtain accurate marking results
The questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.”

Click on the link to download the information document and survey: Maiden ewe reproduction survey 2019

Please contact Elise if you have any further questions: