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All members of the Merino industry are invited to become members of MerinoLink Ltd. for the financial year of July 2021 – June 2022.
MerinoLink Limited is a not-for-profit organisation established to provide a link-point across the Merino industry. MerinoLink’s focus is on facilitating networks, innovation, technology, genetic opportunities and research to improve the commercial production and profitability of Merinos around Australia. MerinoLink is committed to assisting our members make better use of research.

MerinoLink’s members are from a wide range of sheep businesses with varying production systems. They include producers, breeders, service providers, researchers and extension practitioners. Members have been brought together by a common enthusiasm for profitable Merino sheep and a desire to continue to build their businesses and the sheep industry as a whole.

– Engagement – Education – Exploration – Exchange –


Membership Packages for FY22 include:
– Conference discounts – Field day & events free or at cost – Project entry discounts &/or exclusivity – Promotion & partnership discounts &/or exclusivity –
– Exclusive communications; July 2021 onwards –

Individual membership
For any individual from any facets of the industry, for example producer, breeder, service provider.

Corporate membership
For organisations who have multiple individuals seeking membership. Tiered options are available depending on the number of memberships required.

Student membership
For individuals who are studying at the secondary, tertiary or post doctorate level.


Click to register for FY22 Membership.

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