MerinoLink Lifetime Productivity Project Site

As a service to members and the wider sheep industry MerinoLink is participating in the AWI Funded Merino Lifetime Productivity Project. The trial site will be at “The Vale”, Barmedman Road, Temora utilising the Bluechip Livestock ewes.

Merino Lifetime Productivity Project 2016 drop- MerinoLink Sire Report

2016 Drop MLP Sire Report

The MLP 2016 drop is the sixth (6 th) joining at Temora (including the Bluechip Livestock Sire Evaluations and Genomic project) and complements the MerinoLink Sire Evaluations run at Jugiong, NSW in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The 13 Merino sires being evaluated includes two link sires that are also being assessed at the other MLP sites. The linkage will allow a greater pool of data to be collected across MLP sites.

The Yearling Assessment was carried out at 10 months of age with 10 months of wool growth. Further assessments will be made over the adult life of the ewes and reported as part of the Merino Lifetime Productivity Project.


Merino Lifetime Productivity Project 2016 drop – Inspection and Field Day

15th March 2017


The Merino Lifetime Productivity Project – 2017 joining

Nominations are now open for the 2017 joining of the MLP.  Entries close on the 28th October, 2016.  There will be three sites joining in 2017 – MerinoLink (Temora, NSW); Pingelly (WA); New England (Armidale, NSW)

The nomination process is centralised, all nomination forms will be sent through the MLP Project Manager (Anne Ramsay).  Once nominations close, sires will be profiled for their suitability to meet the projects sire selection criteria.  The MLP project Executive will then work with the relevant site committees and the project industry steering committee to generate the final sire list.  More details can be found in the information package attached.

Note that MerinoLink currently plan to join in the first week of January, and semen will be required by the 10th of December 2016.

2017 Nomination Form

MLP Site Ewe Base 2017 Joining

The Merino Lifetime Productivity (MLP) Project – 2016 joining

The 2016 MLP program is evaluating nine (9) industry sires, two (2) link sires and two (2) research sire. Ewes were Artificially Inseminated in January 2016. Ewes lambed down in small mobs to accommodate the nutrition requirements of single and multiple births. All progeny have been DNA tested the the Allflex TSU sample kit and are currently being processed.  The DNA pedigree will provide full pedigree information.  Progeny have currently been tagged and visually assessed for the standard sire evaluation traits including breech wrinkle, breech cover, fibre pigment, non-fibre pigment, birth coat, skin score and recessive black.

Progeny will be assessed at 10 months of age and then again at 20 months of age (visual and objective assessments) in line with the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA) requirements. The ewe progeny will remain on “The Vale” and have adult measurements collected including adult wool, carcase and reproduction traits.