Partnership Prospectus

MerinoLink Partners

MerinoLink has developed partnerships with a number of  businesses and organisations, which are mutually beneficial, and essential to providing services to our members, clients and with wider industry. Financial partnerships with the agricultural sector is critical to underpinning MerinoLink research, activities and service delivery, while returning networking and promotional benefits to partners. We have a range of partnership/sponsorship packages available, but are also happy to tailor a package to meet your business or organisation.

Why Partner with MerinoLink?

Partnering with MerinoLink will provide you with a unique opportunity to deliver your message to a targeted audience at five levels: locally, regionally, nationally, commercial and seed stock.

If your organisation has a strong interest in agricultural development, agricultural research, innovative science and viable regional communities you will be interested in forming a strategic partnership with MerinoLink.

Active participation with MerinoLink and/or attendance at events presents an opportunity for you to develop local and national networks, build relationships with members, industry leaders and key stakeholders.

Partnering with MerinoLink will expose your organisation to a network of genuine sheep producers, service providers and research organisations. This unique opportunity will allow you to showcase your products and services to a target audience.

This sponsorship prospectus allows your organisation to secure the best possible exposure to our members and associates through a range of options for all budgets.

If there are elements that you think would complement your marketing strategy but are not listed please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss options.

If you would like to develop a relationship with MerinoLink, please contact Chief Executive Officer Sally Martin on 0400 782 477 to discuss options.

MerinoLink Prospectus

The MerinoLink Prospectus is currently under review (December 2017). We thank you for your patience during this time.

Should you have any questions, contact information for the MerinoLink team can be found on our “Contact” page