MerinoLink Sire Evaluation Field Day

Merino Lifetime Productivity Project

2016 MerinoLink Conference

Trial progeny on display

Lifetime project field day 2017

2017 Conference

2017 Conference Field Day

2017 Conference Field Day

MerinoLink Limited is a not for profit organisation that aims to facilitate sheep grower’s and service providers link with information, knowledge and research.

MerinoLink’s key focus is :

  • To ensure all data and information disseminated by MerinoLink has integrity and a commercial focus.
  • To promote the profitability of Merino sheep.
  • To be open to anyone joining, embracing a wide range of ideas and perspectives.
  • To provide education and networking opportunities to breeders and service providers
  • To provide mentoring to young people wanting a career in agriculture and in particular the sheep and wool industry.
  • To liaise and work with the Sheep CRC, Sheep Genetics, Australian Wool Innovation and Meat and Livestock Australia about issues and research questions relating the members and the industry as a whole.
  • To promote the use of ASBV’s, Central Test Sire Evaluation, Wether Trials and other trials that provide benchmarking information and opportunities.
  • To identify, initiate and facilitate research and development.

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